You, in the Endless Starlight

by Lystrialle

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ugsnowbootp Rich melodies adorned with crystalline arpeggio and vibrant percussions, a stellar (wink wink) representation of Lystrialle's signature style. Favorite track: Fragrance.
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DoNotCrossP Such a gentle and magical experience. Every song feels like standing under the vast starry sky - melancholic, but somehow comforting. The lyrics and compositions are so lovingly and carefully crafted. The mood of the album flows so naturally too. Great album, listening for the 3rd time rn Favorite track: Sentinel.
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Lystrialle's first album, a story about connections between people.


released May 23, 2019

Music - Lystrialle
Cover art - Syrahde
Album design - asa+kari

Piapro Link: gisniy8n





Ethnic/folk producer currently specializing in VOCALOID and UTAU work.

Icon and banner - ctrlkun (

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Track Name: anoi isál yu mlál
at laménava sonarate
sótukeki áte meli
maferi fenlma eláti son'etoma
yu enbm'rit isál ite rei

et'in is lemethi mlál ite
ni selte knmilán vante
m mafínte oseti yu isel kot'áreti
is mafínte ap'énveti mthi?

at is ite akerei at m isithi ite
neimáne overete melyalán mlál yite

nemé isithi lane m ef'enatiá
yu spetiá pá isithi ynti
niá lefeki mlál nalán isál km'edi
mei idi otéklno avi

navane kentrélal ak'alothi
role is matán mlál valte
yu soriyé atri overat'ilál isál
navanoyu mthi tlsurate

at is ite akerei at m isithi ite
vofalán anárete yu lonema vánite

nemé isithi lane m ef'enatiá
yu spetiá pá isithi ynti
mlal isel ebimi afethi kuré ite
aflre is ite otéklno

nemé isithi lane m ef'enatiá
yu spetiá pá isithi ynti
niá lefeki mlál nalán isál km'edi
mei idi otéklno avi

nemé isithi lane m ef'enatiá
yu spetiá pá isithi ynti
mlal isel ebimi afethi kuré ite
aflre is ite otéklno
Track Name: Sentinel
The wandering soul, it searches for
the place it wishes to call its own
but even when it stops to rest
it's turned aside, alone

Abandoned by the surrounding fray
that promised things that it turned away
you cry and wish for a single person
to hear the things you say

The wounds that lie upon your soul
can never truly just disappear
but even so, your happiness
lies far away from here

For all you wish for remains with me
These things you wanted but couldn't see
And I will keep them for you
until you can truly bring them to be

For I sing a song for you
and all you wish to do
And even when everything is gone
I'll pray for you with my song

When you sound an anguished cry
from where you're fated to lie
Although you can't see me where I stand
I will be here to give you my hand

Where will you be?
Where will I be?
Go wherever
I will always be there

The tortured soul that's lost it all
believing everything's disappeared
It seeks a missing fragment of
the things that it held near

The days will come and the pain will heal
Your soul set free from this great ordeal
Until I'm able to see your smile return
I'll stay with you here

I am always here
for I will hold you dear
No matter how long it takes to do
I'll always be there for you

However it may be
I wish for you to be free
Forever and ever, standing by
I'll dry your tears whenever you cry

Where will you be?
Where will I be?
Go wherever
I will always be there
Track Name: Thank You, It Was Fun
We embrace the morning sun
As the bell rings out and we greet another day
And we meet again in the daylight dawning
softly, without a word to say

From the start to end you were there
Every day gone by, with familiarity
As our motions bound to the seconds pass
You stand on the other side as me

When you bring me close, your hand and mine align
But they're pulled apart by the law between our motions and our time
And our time keeps ticking, never giving back
All our wishes we can't have

And I'll turn and turn around
Up and down without a sound
See your face and never look you right in the eyes
Every moment that I'd cherish trapped
in the paths that keep our gazes misaligned

Brought together, dragged apart
Never ends and never starts
Here and back and to and fro and never a change
How I wish that I could say these words
in this cycle trapping us for every single day

We depart from the evening sun
And the silence pierces through corners of this place
With the darkness drifting, I dream of you
in visions that bloom and melt away

My thoughts are only of you
Folded right beside me but never to be seen
While our backs and our faces are turned aside
Our fate that we never could be free

I await the dawn to see you yet again
Even though there’s nothing I could say to you when everything begins
You’re given to me here, my happiness returns
until you’re ripped from my arms

With my pain replaced, you’re there but never here
In these moments I hold dear…
The world will turn around, we’ll turn around in turn
Until we meet our end…

And I'll turn and turn around
Up and down without a sound
As I wait upon the day my thoughts go to you
Thinking something, only hoping, wishing
that you’ll be thinking of the same words too

Brought together, dragged apart
Never ends and never starts
Yet again and yet again it’s always the same
Saying nothing, still you’re here with me
Every moment treasured as we pass our time away
Track Name: Fragrance
The flower frozen in moonlight
Preserved in splendor for everyone to see
Would sparkle and gleam
And yet even so
It shattered like glass into the snow

It bloomed in the window
And crumbled under the weight it came to bear
For all that was there
It seemed there was nothing left inside

I followed you where you would take me
I gave you everything I thought I had to give
But even you know
There’s nowhere to go

In a dream I saw an image of your eyes
Cutting through my thoughts I’d bundled up in lies
If you took my words and threw them all aside
All the mud would be within

There are no more chances lying where I lay
So destroy me, tear my shattered heart away
If there’s something left that ever could be saved
Bring it all to a place where it can end

(Take my sins and carve them all away)
(Consume it all and crush it deep into the sand)

I gave you everything you wanted
I told you all the things I thought you had to hear
The empty refrains
Were all but the same

As you stand there in the shadows and the light
With the tinge off fragrant lilies in the night
Only you could make this withered soul of mine
Like it never had been there

Could you find me, save me, all the things you can
With your eyes that only see me as I am
All my thorn-soaked answers bundled in your hands
Tear them all out with nothing left to spare

In a dream I saw an image of your eyes
With the tinge of fragrant lilies in the night
Track Name: The Moment Before the End
When you walk across the collapsing road
Uncertain of your approaching fate
Will you try to reach the remains above
with the courage you left behind?

While the tears are falling between those words
The voices whisper that you're too late
And the feathers floating around the air
only hide the things you wish to find

Throw aside and cast away
the regrets that always
kept you from moving ahead
Embrace the arms that hold you dearly
Release the emotions and falling tears
The promises, memories
linked to falling tears

In the hopes of being penance paid
You destroyed the things that you loved so dear
and lost yourself in the false ideas you made

As you drown inside your guilt and shame
You refuse the hand that approaches near
The sorrow and loneliness that would never fade

As the scattered pieces fall to the ground
"it's never the end" comes back in reply
Screaming that it's never the end
with that faith in your eyes
And the thoughts you won't admit that you'd suffered
come rushing by
Never surrendering and rushing by

The warmth of the arms that embraced you in the pouring rain
The hands that would cradle your face
With that promise of "I'll never leave you alone"
(isithi ovúnia)
With no longer reason to hesitate, you call that name
that means something only to you
The reminder of that existence that you'd known

alara míla'ea
alara seria
alara ak'yúde freikithi
yéila nai isithi

Seasons changing, flying by
without thinking of the things that could follow
The one you took for granted
never would leave you no matter what happened to stand in the way
Even when the stars burn out
you would never let your promise ring hollow
Before it falls away from reach
Take the chance that remains for you here
The feathers that fell into hands outreached

If the light in your eyes flickered out and disappeared one day
You'd still try to fight to the end
for the one you treasure more than even your own
(at is ite akerei)
To spend all your time and the life you shared and choose to stay
The wish that you had from the start
Yet you'd kept your silence believing in your selfishness

Sharing a piece of your heart in that moment, you are only you
Whatever your purpose may be
Bringing up those things as happiness that you know
(utlare yu yéila)
The flowers are dyed in the colors lying in your view
They bloom with the flickering light
So until the end, never let those memories go
Track Name: Starlight Mist
If we only believe in all the things we know
we can never exist with any meaning
I pray for you to look away from the end
So sing for the happiness for us to bring

Do you know of the thoughts he held inside
that kept his heart within a cage through every day
The meaningless worries and unfounded fears
shut his eyes to the heart standing in his way

We all ignore the things we hear (until the end)
and we only think of things to see (from what there is)
And the fruit we find unreachable to have
withers slowly, never to be

As we look to the fleeting things beyond our reach
we forget all the lingering and hidden
The starlight shining through the cloudy veil
spreads around in the mist from places far within

And the lost souls continue wandering everywhere
with the sorrows they gather from around them
We live, we weep, we sing, we falter
and we dream of the night when we can breathe again

Do you know of the wishes in her heart
that cried out in the silent night, with no one there?
But wishes were never words upon her lips
as she smiled on serenely without a care

We wallow quietly in blame (before the end)
for the things we shared among us all (what can we do?)
Yet all we do is throw ourselves away
and destroy ourselves in our fall

As we chase all the fragments of a dying dream
it dissolves in the shadow of our lifelines
The starlight falling from the broken sky
surrounds us in mist that lingers by our side

Shall we sing for the souls who only stood alone
Who rejected the hand that never left them?
We dream, we wish, we sing, we linger
and we wait for the day when we can breathe again

You forgot all the things you thought yourself to be
and believe that there's nothing left to be there
But starlight filtering from high above
still will reach you from mist that's glowing everywhere

To you, made of pieces of our thoughts combined
Your existence is not defined by you alone
We meet, we love, we sing, we wander
and we live and we breathe inside what we have known

We will meet in the end where all the lost ones go
and we'll find all the starlight that we're looking for
We think, we choose, we sing, we wonder
if tomorrow those distant things will be no more

Your only "self" exists right now
because there's nothing that's left of what there was before

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